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On line server platform

Here you find the Estar Easy Booking platform's structure, to show the customer and server data flow.
Easy Booking is a web 2.0 application and it works on line, granting your access everywhere you are wired to the net.

H24 services, from Cloud, or dedicated Servers, permit you to work from your office, or outside, from a Windows/Linux/IOS personal computer, into a Mozilla Firefox browser (only for the B2B management platform, for all the B2C customers booking services, the use is delivered by a cross platform software, via the main browsers use).

The software permit multi-user accesses working together at the same time.

Send your vouchers and document via e-mail message, by printig the documents in a pdf version.

Booking management

In this way you'll reach the maximum software and management advantage.

No software setup on the local computer, (so you can change them in real time in case of hardware or your local system crashing, without loosing data or time to reinstall any services to use our platforms).

We provide Web service through an affordable Server side technology on Linux OS, with LAMP structure (LINUX, Apache, MySQL, PhP Server extensions).

Daily back up to protect your data , with professional stored procedure applications.

The best reliable solution for your on line booking solution.

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Easy Booking
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