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We are at your disposal to show how our on line software works, anywhere you are, you have an on line service wich can reach everyone in the world .

It is possible to check via an on-line meeting demo, how the software works, and communicate with us via Skype posts, or e-mail, to send all the questions related to your needs and doubts.

In the evaluation step we can check together how many modules are useful for your company, and you can also choose to start with a basic level, and add after other modules during the work time..

All the demo activities are suppported by our development team, the common language is English.


Fell free to contact us to request a dedicated evaluation step, we're here to provide the services with senior skills on holiday rentals trade. We're currently delivering and supporting more than 300 customers, using our applications.

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An on line solution everywhere you are connected to the net.


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