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In the main Italian version, Easy booking, is developed via 4 different platforms for more than 300 customers ( B2B, B2C, Network and Multiplayer). Waiting to translate all the labeling and helping systems, for international customers are now ready for an English use of the business platforms the B2B and B2C versions. The English language is related to the management side of the platforms. For the customers on line booking web sites, they can be provided in all the languages that you can translate, via the dedicated services .
To improve SEO functions, every language is positioned into a dedicate domain, related to the main keys that the customer would like to promote.
Both the B2B and B2C version are delivered in a standard, professional or Enterprise frameworks.

Easy booking
Booking software
Business side
Holiday rental service

This version permits to manage buildings, planner, bookings, check in and check out steps, to close availability dates, customer regitration, payments, invoices, ad bookings data views.

The web service is delivered via three different platforms:

- EB B2B STANDARD (Holiday rental software, max. 50 properties);

- EB B2B PROFESSIONAL (Holiday rentals software, max. 100 properties);

- EB B2B ENTERPRISE (Holiday rentals software, unlimited properties).

All these frameworks are dedicated to a single Company that would like to sell vacations, by an on line platform.

Each platform could have more modules depending on customer needs .

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Easy booking
On line booking software
Consumer side
Hoiday rental services

This version permits to delivery an on line booking web site, where tourists can search about properties availabilities and prices, and book a vacation if interested. The booking procedure can finish with or without payments.

This version receives data from the B2B platform, and it sends back bookings records, when they occure, on the customer service.

This version, llike the B2B, has three different frameowrks at customer disposal, with the same properties limits.

Several on line modules are at B2C framework disposal, such as the Paypal or bank credit card service, on line certificates, customers areas, and so on.

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Easy Booking
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