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The new booking management software platform, working everywhere on line by its WEB 2.0 services,from Cloud server and at tourist operators disposal  for everyone with holiday rentals needs.


Estar Booking - vacation rentals, is one of the Estar Booking series Application, dedicated to the most common tourist rentals needs.

The software platform, like all the Estar booking series, has focused characteristics, for a long time appreciated by our customers.


  • It  works on line  from a Cloud server, so you access where you are,  also away from your office, or from differents offices.
  • It is easy , fast, and effective.
  • Is not dependant from your operating system,,and you can use it from the common O.S. on trade ( Apple and Linux too),  by using a simple browser  powerful like  Firefox, downloadable for free.
  • It reduces computer's cost of ownership. On a PC malfunction,after reparation you don't need to reinstall any software on it, to use your PMS again, and if you need to change your device, you're ready to play in a minute.
  • No data loss by viruses, broken components or other reasons, because the server provides a daily backup service.
  • It's safe, because it is based on a strong Cloud server platform over a certified data center, with a H24, 7/7 Data server support.
  • You can use it via the fast graphical planner interface, with few mouse clicks.
  • Two menu permission levels, help you to administrate, and provide front office functions.
  • Save your invoices via pdf driver, to create your local file management, easy to save for your company balance, send vouchers via e-mail services to inform your customers about their vacation.
  • Custom development services and scalable platform, permits to grow together with the web management services.


The platform permits you to save bookings, options, customers info, check in and checkout steps, payments and invoices.


Our development team is at your disposal to customize details and dedicated modules useful for your work.

Ask us a dedicated demo, details, or a custom offer to

Easy Booking
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