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Estar Booking software- Holiday rentals services - Main application modules

The PMS platform is composed by several modules, and it is the part of the software that provides data to the B2C solution (such us our Wordpress theme and booking engine solution), all the framework is a powerful flow dedicated to the holiday rental services.
Here you find some main B2B modules:

Customers and owners profiles

Every records is connected to a related profile, (customers, owners, and Agencies in the professional dedicated version) for each records you have SCRUD functions to search, create, read, update and delete.


You can save your property information via this module, by setting type, description, geopositioning, adding photos, details, closed data and other fields (depending from the software version), all with SCRUD services.


Add for each property the related price per period, minimum stay and services.

Graphical interactive Planner 

Search inside a date range property availability in a specific area of your data., a fast and affordable planner is at your disposal to check saved bookings and insert new booking periods, from the B2B platform, or dynamically by receiving bookings from B2C platform (if connected), or, Expedia, FlipKey, or Atraveo dedicated channels, or give your availabilities via the iCal module.


A dedicated form for each booking shows you the referral, periods, prices, payments, all at your fingertips.


Receive payments from your B2C website, and have the opportunity to charge any other payments directly from the PMS.

Check out

Close the vacation and leave the apartment free until the next booking (you can request the dynamic check out, if you don't want to set it from your management service.

Agencies and Partners

Set up Agencies and permit to your B2B platform to save booking related to these profiles.

Also with optional API functions

Print and  Save

by saving a pdf driver, you can save every printable view in a pdf file, to save data that you need to have at local disposal or in a good format, to send on line.


Arrives, departures, booking, payments and other custom data view.

on line Bookings

This is the core service that can be included in our B2C platform, or can be delivered as a web service that your programmers can include in your web site.

XML interfaces, 

Export your information to other partners (with the optional module), or import via partner API services (custom service), to obtain more bookings from your work.

Excel data export

Optional module that permit you to export invoices, payments to your economic management software.


Development at your disposal with the Easy Booking Estar B2B and B2C platforms.

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